Who are we?

UMATES PC bags and backpacks are used in most of the largest companies, where we have close contact with the IT managers and users in the companies.

Who is UMATES?

UMATES A / S is a company in Compu-Trade Holding A / S, which also owns UniFlip A / S. A company that develops software for marketing on the Internet.

UMATES A / S has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, which is used for the development of accessories for laptop computers.

UMATES A / S has since the beginning focused on products of high quality and functionality for professional users – including PC bags and PC backpacks for laptops.

The company is self-financing and has been awarded Dun & Bradstreet’s highest credit rating AAA over the last 4 years, which is otherwise only reserved for the best consolidated companies in the world.

Production takes place in China, and we have a Dane at the factory every month and can therefore guarantee that the quality is top notch. This is one of the reasons why we dare to provide a lifetime guarantee against production and material defects.

Who are our customers?

UMATES PC bags and backpacks are used in most of the largest companies, where we have close contact with the IT managers and users in the companies.

Here is a small selection of companies that use the UMATES products today: Novo, Lufthansa, E-ON, Evonik, DSB, Nordea, Grundfos, Danfoss, Arla, Maersk and the largest insurance and auditing companies.

For many years we have been very satisfied with the UMATES products, which are used by our professional users.

It provides security for both IT support and users when the notebook PCs are transported around the world in the efficient elastic suspension.

Tommy Hansen

IT Purchasing, Danfoss

We wanted fast accessibility without compromising on the physical protection of the laptops in the service cars.

For several years, we have used the UMATES products without problems and today we use the new protection system in the service cars.

Jens Christian Termansen


We have been very pleased with the new series of PC bags with the TopProtector ™ system from UMATES.

The users use the products every day in the work, and IT support has extra assurance that the laptops do not suffer from any inconvenience during transport!

Kim Bjørn Jørgensen

Systemengineer, KPMG


UMATES solutions cannot be compared to other PC bags and backpacks on the market. We focus solely on the professional user and functionality throughout the development phase.

The majority of UMATES PC bags protect the notebooks via a resilient suspension, which is only available in UMATES products. The system is patented worldwide. Therefore, no other manufacturer can offer a similar solution.

User-friendliness is very important to the user, and be easy and quick to get the notebook in and out of the bag – without compromising on protection. Therefore, we have developed the TopProtector ™ system, which makes it all extremely easy for the user.

The quality is top notch, and experience has shown that many use the same UMATES bag for 4-6 years! Of course, this is only possible as we use the best materials and the user can replace the sensitive parts himself, such as the handle, when worn.


You are always welcome to contact us for further questions and information:
Phone: +45 7022 7005