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Test of laptop bags and backpacks

Test of laptop bags – See the amazing user-friendly protection system,
as recommended by experts for laptops in action …
Presented by Director Kim T. Rasmussen, UMATES A / S

The quality is in the details - only at Umates



A laptop consists of a lot of components that are very sensitive to impact and shock during transportation.

UMATES has solved the problem with an elastic suspension, which automatically ensures that your laptop never touches the bag or the back of the backpack.

Test of laptop bags – We dare to throw a laptop while in a UMATES TopLoader ™ bag, proving the superior protection of the elastic suspension.


Getting your laptop in and out of a traditional bag or backpack is both stressful and problematic.

The problem is solved with the elastic suspension in the UMATES TopLoaders ™ series, where you lower your laptop into the bag without the use of hands and fingers.

When it comes out again, you simply pull out the suspension without using any force and thereby avoid the inconvenience of your laptop’s cabinet.

High quality

The quality is very high and we ourselves control the production at our factory in China.

All materials are the best that can be purchased, as it is important that the bag lasts for many years – for both you and us!

If, in anticipation, there are production defects or faults on materials. We offer a change immediately without discussion throughout the product’s lifetime.


You are always welcome to contact us for further questions and information:
Phone: +45 7022 7005

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