Umates Patented Solution

World patented solution

Built into the UMATES bags and backpacks with patent solution. The unique elastic suspension protects your notebook optimally and makes it easy and fast when the PC goes in and out.

Will your laptop survive - if you drop it?

So far, it has been heavy, cumbersome and associated with some uncertainty and risk when the computer needs to enter and exit the PC bag or backpack.

Notebook PCs are sensitive

The user often addresses the sensitive cabinet and “releases” the laptop when entering the computer bag or backpack. The risk of damage to the screen or other vital parts is increased.

UMATES - the perfect solution

We have listened to professional users and developed the perfect solution so it is easy and quick to put the laptop in your bag or backpack.

Make it easy and fast

The patented “UMATES TopProtector ™ system” is simply brilliant.

1. The portable is placed in the elastic mount of the computer bag or backpack. It is then “hoisted” automatically into place in the bag.

2. When you’re ready to remove your pc. The hanger can be use to “pull out” the equipment without the need for a lot of unnecessary forces.

By means of the suspension, the weight is distributed so that the laptop does not feel so heavy when going in and out of the computer bag or backpack.

The sensitive equipment does not come into direct contact with the bottom of the bag / backpack, since the suspension is designed to counteract this.

The elastic suspension in UMATES bags and backpacks is unique and reduces the cost of unnecessary repairs, as your laptop is protected from impact and impact in the bag or backpack.


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