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Product reviews – The elastic suspension prevents physical contact between the notebook and the bottom of the bag/backpack. Thereby ensuring that inevitable bumps and shakes do not propagate in the cabinet and affect the sensitive equipment.

We're not afraid to drop a laptop. Are you?

UMATES bags and backpacks have lots of detail and practical features and are designed based on the experience and expectations of laptop users.

As a matter of fact our products are for users who want a bag or backpack with the best protection and highest usability in a high quality.

Umates iBumper for iPad, hands on review

The product is exactly as good as what you find from the competition, the price is just a tooth lower and then you have to “settle” with is selection of more conservative colors – which can both be seen as a plus and a minus.

No matter what, Umates iBumper is a real bargain!

Umates iBumper for iPad, hands on review

A laptop consists of a lot of components that are very sensitive to impact and shock during transportation.

UMATES has solved the problem with a resilient suspension, which automatically ensures that the laptop never touches the bag or the back of the backpack.


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