Umates Design M 8-202


1-2 days



Laptop size:

W40 x L30,5 x H5 cm

If the computer bag is to be presentable and part of the dress, “Umates Design M” is the perfect solution. This computer bag is produced in black RUBBEX, a rubber-coated fabric that is dirt and water repellent.

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Umates Design M computer bag is identical to Umates Design S, but just with at screen size up to 17”. It is manufactured in black Rubbex™, which is a specially manufactured rubber-coated textile, which gives the case its unique and exclusive look.

The carrying case includes a soft and ergonomically correct shoulder strap.

It is possible to use your notebook while it is still inside the bag. The carrier acts as a “desk” while you work.

The design case can also be used as an “ordinary bag” without a computer if only documents need to be carrying along to meetings.

Umates designer cases are patent and design-protected all over the world – and an example of Danish Design at its best.

Additional information


1-2 days



Laptop size

W40 x L30,5 x H5 cm


2,4 kg


RUBBEX, rubber-coated textile

Meterial description

Hard wearing material of black rubbex washable rubberized fabric


Extra foam in the bottom protects the laptop

User functionality

The flap can be used as a wrist rest and the layer opens and closes at the same time as the computer.


The handle is produced in a nice soft and extra padded material that protects the hand.


Ergonomically shaped shoulder strap in the same material and embossing as the whole bag

Back compartment

Slim back pocket with space for documents and newspaper

Inner pocket

Plenty of interior pockets for passports, airline tickets, coins, business cards, pens

Main compartment

2 (for laptop and documents / papers)

Company logo

Possibility of company logo, call us +45 7022 7005


Lifetime warranty on production and material defects, but not on wear and tear or inappropriate use of the product

Outer dimension

W34 x D10 x H35 cm