iPad 2,3,4 Cover, White 5-003


1-2 days

Fits to:

iPad 2/3/4


Silicone, white

Silicone cover for iPad 2 3 4 in white with padded and soft handles. Protects your iPad and is perfect for work or personal use.

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Designed specifically for iPad 2/3/4 protection, this smart cover is made of white silicone.

Umates iBumper ™ cover for iPad 2 3 4, white is designed with 2 air chambers so your iPad can better withstand a ride on the floor and protected from scratches and scratches. Moreover, these handles make the iPad more comfortable and easy to hold.

The combination of soft silicone and handles on the sides are the reason why your iPad is easy and comfortable to hold, whether you are on the couch, on the train, in the car, on the plane or anywhere else you want to work with your Apple iPad.

The cover is perfect for both work and private use, and is therefore ideal for the education sector, the elderly, children and craftsmen.

Quick and easy to install without the use of tools, all buttons and connectors are of course available.

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1-2 days

Fits to

iPad 2/3/4


Silicone, white




200 gram

Handle with air chamber

Yes, for protection and comfort

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